Home of the future, window to the past

Not too long ago, the intrepid houses of the Xanadu project were erected as a hypothetical example of the house of the future. These homes, designed to showcase the possibilities of computerization and automation in the home, have paved the way for the integrated homes seen today. However, due to growing concerns on energy consumption, the home of the future, as envisioned by the more eco-conscious, now veers toward becoming not only more high-tech but also more energy efficient.

Image Credit: www.prestonguyton.com

While the status of “green homes” varies from country to country, a few features that these homes have in common is the minimized consumption of energy through architectural elements and energy-efficient appliances and electronics. Homes like these usually incorporate solar-powered equipment such as outdoor lights, water heaters, and solar cells, whereas their walls are designed to minimize the use of heaters. Natural sunlight in these homes can be channeled through windows and light tubes.

Image Credit: www.parliament.uk

Moreover, the homes themselves can reduce their occupants’ dependence on artificial heating and cooling through their design; architecture can ensure that the structure retains heat in cool weather and keeps it out in warm weather.

The new home of the future combines the technological innovations of today with the time-tested methods of the past to create a living space that provides comfort to its occupants while reducing its impact on the environment.

Image Credit: Guarantymortgageservices.Wordpress.com

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