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The How-tos of going green

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Climate change is a hot topic nowadays. Even without looking at the television, listening to the radio, or reading the newspaper, each person can feel the drastic changes in the climate year round. To put this plainly, this is one of the signs that tell man that Mother Nature is teaching him a harsh lesson. Through the whole lecture of nature versus man, one thing is asked of the latter: Stop abusing nature.

In light of this endeavor, there are a lot of simple things man can do to preserve what’s left of nature. This article from Worldwatch Institute speaks in detail of the things that can be done to help save Mother Nature and even money. The following are some of the article’s highlights:

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 1)      Conserving water. Reducing water usage on daily activities, such as baths, can definitely help save money and energy as this helps reduce water and electricity bills.

2)      Using less gas. Cars and their engines contribute a huge deal in air pollution. While many efforts are being taken by companies to reduce the pollution caused by smoke, nothing beats a healthy walk when travelling, especially if one’s destination is only a couple of blocks away.

3)     Keeping electronics out of the trash. As Worldwatch Institute states, “E-waste contains mercury and other toxics and is a growing environmental problem.” If a piece of technology is still useable, it would be better to give it to someone who wants or needs it rather than throwing it away. Not only would this save (another person’s) money, but it will also keep those harmful toxics away from Mother Nature’s skin.

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More ways can be done to help this fight. It is ultimately up to each and every human being to think of ways on contributing to Mother Earth’s preservation.

Janique Goff is one of the many environmentalists who champion the cause for nature’s preservation. Learn more about how you can help by following this Twitter page.