Google: Technology is not just for the Internet

Google X has long been known as an innovation center for the technology giant. Some of its latest ventures include Google Glass, which has been exciting techies yet putting the attention away from some of Google’s important projects.

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In environmental projects, however, Google is showing equal mettle and enthusiasm. Its labs recently unveiled innovative research on solar-panelled balloons, which are designed to carry Wi-Fi signals over the skies of world regions marginalized from Internet access, such as sub-Saharan Africa. The technology is in the trial stages, as Google tries to improve its standing in the smartphone and tablet markets.

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There’s another equally exciting environmental project in the works that is rumored to respond to global clamor for alternative energy. The wind turbine project, a joint venture with Californian energy company Makani Power, is set to install turbines without the brunt of tons and tons of steel. These are essentially wind turbines with blades streamlined with light material and are reportedly cheap and easy to manufacture and distribute. These are brainstormed by what Google X top executive Astro Teller described as an ” incredible collection of Peter Pans with PhDs all kind of running amok, who are very productive in a sort of loosely organized way.”

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Google is proving that its massive revenue from Web search and other technologies could be deployed into meaningful projects. The innovative wind turbines set off decades-long researches and experimentations with technologies that not only amuse mankind but also benefit its habitat.

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