Stirring up public interest on climate change

Although some groups continue to deny the reality of climate change, scores of scientific evidence show otherwise. Most members of the scientific community also agree that there has been “rapid warming [of global temperature] in the past few decades.” Even President Barack Obama showed a bold stance on climate change, pushing initiatives like reducing power plant emissions.

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Though it has been encouraging to see that the scientific community and the government have finally acknowledged climate change and its ill effects, research showed that only 40 percent of Americans see climate change as a real threat. This is compared to a median of 54 percent in the Pew Research global survey. And the reason behind this seemingly unaffected view on climate change, perhaps, lies on how the mind is wired.

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Thus, for climate change initiatives to be truly successful, environmentalists must preach the gospel of climate change to the American public. People should easily understand how their action (or non-action) is taking a toll on the planet. Perhaps, letting people choose their own “climate change adventure” is the best way to stir up massive public support in saving the planet.

Environmental groups, the science community, and the government may come up with excellent ways on how to mitigate climate change, but without the public’s concern about a rapidly changing climate, brilliant initiatives can
only do so much.

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Climate change is one of the environmental causes that Janique Goff supports. Follow this Twitter account to learn more about the other initiatives that she advocates.


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