REPOST: Ford and Coca-Cola team up over green technology

Two of the biggest global companies are working together in an effort to promote green technology. has the story:

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With power comes responsibility, and hence these two companies are combining their talents to help ensure a greener future.

Coca-Cola had introduced its PlantBottle Technology back in 2009, which was the first recyclable PET plastic bottle made partially from plants. This material is much cleaner for the environment compared to a conventional plastics, plus has saved the company over 400,000 barrels of oil.

When Ford heard about the advantages of this “green” technology, they partnered with Coca-Cola to turn this plant-based plastic bottle into car parts. The experiment leads to the Ford Fusion Energi that is currently sitting at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Portions of the interior in this experimental vehicle, such as its seat upholstery, backrests, headrests, door inserts, and dashboard switches have been made from recycled PlantBottle Technology rather than the usual petroleum-based plastics. Ford is already using environmentally friendly soy-based inserts in its car seats, so recycled PlantBottle trimmings are a natural fit.

Scott Vitters, General Manager of Global PlantBottle Packaging at Coca-Cola, spoke to us at the auto show and mentioned that the future of this technology is limitless. Vitters said they convert PlantBottles into fibres, which can be used to fabricate many components that make up a car’s interior.

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Not only does PlantBottle reduce/eliminate the use of petroleum-based products, but due to its plant-based fibres, will be much cleaner to the environment when components will need to be recycled again.

Over 18 billion PlantBottle packages have reached 28 countries thus far, and Coca-Cola’s goal is to go global with this technology. Ford is currently conducting durability testing to ensure that this material has the longevity of conventional materials, and hopes to offer this technology in their production cars in the near future.

Janique Goff is a business development manager and a loyal advocate of Mother Earth. Learn more ways to save the planet by following this Twitter page.


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