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The green startup: Eco-friendly business ideas

As entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility to the environment. We have long taken for granted the gifts Mother Nature bestowed upon us and now is the time to change. Here are some eco-friendly businesses you can start today:

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Upcycle old furniture or junk

Instead of throwing out a broken cabinet or disposing of rickety shelves, why don’t you deconstruct them to make something new and usable? Or you can fix them, DIY-style, and sell them for profit. With a little creativity and hard work, you can turn any old piece of furniture or junk into something useful.

Start an eco-friendly consultancy

If you know a lot about going green and how to reduce our carbon footprints then a career or business in consultancy is a good place to start making a difference. Share your knowledge on the green revolution through seminars, talks, or other educational activities.

Create a green app

Since we are living in a world where smartphones have become part of our daily lives, it is surely a great investment to create an app that promotes green living. Whether it’s a service app with tips on how to turn the workplace into an eco-friendly haven or a game that encourages eco-awareness – an app will surely be a profitable as well as environment friendly venture.

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Repairing or refurbishing bicycles

Using bikes instead of cars will greatly reduce our carbon footprint. With this in mind, starting a bicycle repair shop or a shop that sells bikes is a good idea to support a green lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Janique Goff and I’m a firm believer of eco-friendly living. Follow me on Twitter for more tips on how to go green.