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Fashion Forward: Eco-Conscious Clothing Brands

A lot of companies are becoming environmentally aware with their products—including fashion brands. Although some companies actually uphold their brand values, there are some brands that do not really change the whole production process.

Thinking of going green? Here are some brands that promote eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Amour Vert

This brand is highly recommended by Hollywood’s biggest stars, and was featured in Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP blog. The company is committed to the zero-waste philosophy. They also use low-impact dyes and sustainable fabrics.

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H&M Conscious

H&M Conscious is a fashion line made out of sustainable and local fabrics. It stays true to the brand’s promise—stylish and affordable.


Kowtow promises 100% fair trade and organic cotton materials. The line features chic, minimalistic styles that are perfect for people who are always on the go.


This Vancouver creative line produces from Indonesia. Elroy helps foster responsible textile production in the said country. They advocate for socially responsible and environmentally conscious design. Textile includes products from bamboo, organic cotton, linen, wild silk, pineapple, and upcycled fabrics.

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Loomstate may be mainstream and mass-produced like H&M Conscious, but it is true to its eco-friendly clothing-making techniques. Their 321 collection ensures that every garment can be worn in five different styles which helps reduce waste while still being stylish.

Janique Goff works as a business development manager in San Diego, California. She is a supporter of different environment-friendly and sustainable technologies and projects. Learn more about her by visiting this page.