Business Basics: What’s So Important About Going Green?

If it takes a lot of work to be part of the green campaign, why do a lot of companies build up their CSR profiles? If you need to be convinced on the importance of environmental responsibility, here are a few key reasons to start:

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Saving the environment

It may not be on every businessman’s list of top priorities but saving the environment is obviously important. Think of it this way: if the Earth were completely destroyed, there would be no place to conduct business at all. Every individual and company will eventually benefit from keeping the Earth in good shape.

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Becoming more cost effective

The main goal of any business is to earn a profit. Going green might seem like too much of an investment but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Smaller companies can start off by recycling paper or conserving energy and water. These small habits can make a huge impact on environmental health while also being a cost effective move for the business.

Improving public image and increasing demand

Because issues like global warming and climate change are now very important to consumers, they also want the companies they support to be mindful of these problems. Awareness of environmental issues has affected consumer mindset so a company with a solid Corporate Social Responsibility record can attract many potential clients.

Creating a healthier workplace

Going green does not only affect the business owners and the consumers, it also has a very positive effect on employees as well. Green living creates a healthier environment, which in turn increases productivity and boosts company morale.

Hello, I am Janique Goff and I am an advocate for a cleaner and greener world. Follow this Twitter account for more green tips for the household or the office.


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