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Saving The Planet Through Game Apps

Latest data show that the mobile game Pokemon Go has just reached the 500 million mark in number of downloads. Had this virtual capture game been about real battle against environmental anti-heroes such as illegal loggers, game hunters and poachers, the huge benefit to mankind could have been tremendous.

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The state of environmental degradation has reached such alarming levels that drastic measures may not even be sufficient to catch up with reversing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere, stop the melting of glaciers, lower global temperature, save endangered species of plants and animals, or rid the seas of pollutants which allow the proliferation of organisms that disturb the food chain.

Campaign for awareness is a big plus factor in the crusade for the environment. However, those who need to crucially grasp the information are the millennials. And what would be the best means to reach out to this age group if not through the most ubiquitous gadget that is always within their proximity, even in their sleep.

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Mobile apps for the environment are usually utilized for public service such as what was done by the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on the real-time broadcast of Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) from reports of their air monitoring stations.

Mainstreaming the environment cause to contemporary rage and mania such as mobile games certainly could dramatically increase its effective mileage in the consciousness of a big bulk of the population, particularly the youth.

There have been games developed for the environment such as in Scotland where there’s the app on becoming air pollution detectives, directing gamers to find out specific causes of air pollution in their locale. There’s likewise a situation whereby the player hypothetically assumes the position of president of a country and must present solution to climate change without losing votes and remaining in office.

The fact that these games are still not that popular means that these have not seeped in yet to mobile users’ psyche. Perhaps they need to be more fun, useful and enjoyable.

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