Solar Energy And How It Brightens Our Future

For millions of years, life on the planet has been dependent on the sun. From the earliest organisms to humans, almost every living thing benefits from the sun’s rays. Humanity has been using the power of the sun for centuries now to make life better. Here are some of the ways solar power has brightened our lives.

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  • Out of the 120 petawatts of solar energy the sun sends to Earth, 40 petawatts are reflected away by the atmosphere. The remaining 80 petawatts that enters our planet does all sorts of wondrous things.
  • As amazing as solar energy is (it’s free, and it gives off zero pollutants), the process in which solar panels are manufactured creates pollution.
  • The annual amount of solar power sent to Earth by the sun is equal to around 3 million magnitude 7 earthquakes. That’s around 40,000 times more than the energy Americans use up in a year.
  • The largest solar power plant on Earth is a jaw-dropping 1,000 acres. It’s located in the Mojave Desert, in California.
  • Humans have been using solar energy way before solar panels were invented. The first documented use was 2700 years ago. Magnifying lenses were utilized to make fire.
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