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Solar Energy And How It Brightens Our Future

For millions of years, life on the planet has been dependent on the sun. From the earliest organisms to humans, almost every living thing benefits from the sun’s rays. Humanity has been using the power of the sun for centuries now to make life better. Here are some of the ways solar power has brightened our lives.

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  • Out of the 120 petawatts of solar energy the sun sends to Earth, 40 petawatts are reflected away by the atmosphere. The remaining 80 petawatts that enters our planet does all sorts of wondrous things.
  • As amazing as solar energy is (it’s free, and it gives off zero pollutants), the process in which solar panels are manufactured creates pollution.
  • The annual amount of solar power sent to Earth by the sun is equal to around 3 million magnitude 7 earthquakes. That’s around 40,000 times more than the energy Americans use up in a year.
  • The largest solar power plant on Earth is a jaw-dropping 1,000 acres. It’s located in the Mojave Desert, in California.
  • Humans have been using solar energy way before solar panels were invented. The first documented use was 2700 years ago. Magnifying lenses were utilized to make fire.
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Ascending Consumers’ Environment Consciousness Encourages Growth Of Green Businesses

A green industry report of 2014 that surveyed 60 countries worldwide stated that 55% of their consumers did not mind paying higher prices for environment-friendly goods and that 71% of American respondents revealed that a product’s impact on global warming and climate change is one of their considerations in their purchases.

This is a commendable positive outcome of rigorous campaigns and information dissemination about the alarming state of global health, and such encouraged the mushrooming of so-called green businesses.

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Sustainable business, or green business, is an enterprise that provides primary consideration to the welfare of the society or economy, progressively addressing issues such as human rights, gender equality, greenhouse emissions and reduction of carbon footprints.

Thus, investments abound in technologies of renewing energy as well as offsetting its rise in consumption, like solar panels which are now popular in emerging residential housing development. Other popular eco-friendly products include new appliances with high ratings from evaluation agencies and tankless water heaters.

Minimization of wastes, another nemesis of legislation for clean air, is another focus of business establishments particularly those in food service. According to estimates, food wastes account for bigger percentage of greenhouse gas emissions. Department stores and supermarkets adopt zero waste business models and recipe-based food delivery services.

Even in the manner of marketing their products, green businesses demonstrate to the consumers their support to the cause of environment preservation. Some companies opt to advertise through a showcase of their business cum sustainable practice of air purification or establishing and maintaining an urban garden. Businesses tend towards paperless transactions through digital marketing and online advertising.

Meanwhile technology companies encourage telecommuting which is becoming another green business trend, as traveling from residence to office casts significant carbon footprints. Further, employers save in energy and financial costs with smaller office spaces to maintain.

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Continuous growth of green businesses is expected to cater to the parallel increase in consumers’ awareness of the need to protect the environment. Certainly, the business development cost of designing innovative products is imputed to their market prices. However, a research study revealed that consumers’ preference is dictated primarily by the functionality and effectiveness of the good, and once these are compromised, there is a limit to the price they are willing to pay for the sake of the environment.
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Saving The Planet Through Game Apps

Latest data show that the mobile game Pokemon Go has just reached the 500 million mark in number of downloads. Had this virtual capture game been about real battle against environmental anti-heroes such as illegal loggers, game hunters and poachers, the huge benefit to mankind could have been tremendous.

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The state of environmental degradation has reached such alarming levels that drastic measures may not even be sufficient to catch up with reversing the carbon footprint in the atmosphere, stop the melting of glaciers, lower global temperature, save endangered species of plants and animals, or rid the seas of pollutants which allow the proliferation of organisms that disturb the food chain.

Campaign for awareness is a big plus factor in the crusade for the environment. However, those who need to crucially grasp the information are the millennials. And what would be the best means to reach out to this age group if not through the most ubiquitous gadget that is always within their proximity, even in their sleep.

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Mobile apps for the environment are usually utilized for public service such as what was done by the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on the real-time broadcast of Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) from reports of their air monitoring stations.

Mainstreaming the environment cause to contemporary rage and mania such as mobile games certainly could dramatically increase its effective mileage in the consciousness of a big bulk of the population, particularly the youth.

There have been games developed for the environment such as in Scotland where there’s the app on becoming air pollution detectives, directing gamers to find out specific causes of air pollution in their locale. There’s likewise a situation whereby the player hypothetically assumes the position of president of a country and must present solution to climate change without losing votes and remaining in office.

The fact that these games are still not that popular means that these have not seeped in yet to mobile users’ psyche. Perhaps they need to be more fun, useful and enjoyable.

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Business Basics: What’s So Important About Going Green?

If it takes a lot of work to be part of the green campaign, why do a lot of companies build up their CSR profiles? If you need to be convinced on the importance of environmental responsibility, here are a few key reasons to start:

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Saving the environment

It may not be on every businessman’s list of top priorities but saving the environment is obviously important. Think of it this way: if the Earth were completely destroyed, there would be no place to conduct business at all. Every individual and company will eventually benefit from keeping the Earth in good shape.

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Becoming more cost effective

The main goal of any business is to earn a profit. Going green might seem like too much of an investment but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Smaller companies can start off by recycling paper or conserving energy and water. These small habits can make a huge impact on environmental health while also being a cost effective move for the business.

Improving public image and increasing demand

Because issues like global warming and climate change are now very important to consumers, they also want the companies they support to be mindful of these problems. Awareness of environmental issues has affected consumer mindset so a company with a solid Corporate Social Responsibility record can attract many potential clients.

Creating a healthier workplace

Going green does not only affect the business owners and the consumers, it also has a very positive effect on employees as well. Green living creates a healthier environment, which in turn increases productivity and boosts company morale.

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The green startup: Eco-friendly business ideas

As entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility to the environment. We have long taken for granted the gifts Mother Nature bestowed upon us and now is the time to change. Here are some eco-friendly businesses you can start today:

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Upcycle old furniture or junk

Instead of throwing out a broken cabinet or disposing of rickety shelves, why don’t you deconstruct them to make something new and usable? Or you can fix them, DIY-style, and sell them for profit. With a little creativity and hard work, you can turn any old piece of furniture or junk into something useful.

Start an eco-friendly consultancy

If you know a lot about going green and how to reduce our carbon footprints then a career or business in consultancy is a good place to start making a difference. Share your knowledge on the green revolution through seminars, talks, or other educational activities.

Create a green app

Since we are living in a world where smartphones have become part of our daily lives, it is surely a great investment to create an app that promotes green living. Whether it’s a service app with tips on how to turn the workplace into an eco-friendly haven or a game that encourages eco-awareness – an app will surely be a profitable as well as environment friendly venture.

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Repairing or refurbishing bicycles

Using bikes instead of cars will greatly reduce our carbon footprint. With this in mind, starting a bicycle repair shop or a shop that sells bikes is a good idea to support a green lifestyle.

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